Frequently Asked Questions
Does Aqwest add Fluoride to the water? 
Why is my account so high? 
Do we have water efficiency measures? 
Pensioner and Senior Rebates - Why haven't I received my rebate on this account? 
I am about to move home, how do I get the water connected at the new place? 
I have my own bore. Does the Winter Sprinkler Ban apply to me? 
I can't travel to Aqwest to pay my account. How can I pay my account? 
The water pressure at my water meter is OK but it is low inside the house. Should I report low pressure? 
Which part of the water supply system to my property is my responsibility, and which part is Aqwest's? 
How can I test my water pressure at the meter? 
What is water hardness? 
Can my water meter be moved? 
Where is my water meter? 
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