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Unfortunately nothing lasts forever
including your household water pipes. It’s
not a matter of if they will fail, but when
they will fail!


By checking your water meter regularly, you
can ensure that any hidden leaks in your
water pipes are promptly detected. The
sooner a licensed plumber is engaged to fix
such leaks, the lower your water bill will be.
Get the kids involved as water detectives
and they can record the water usage using
Aqwest’s water consumption chart.


Step 1: Go to the water meter (usually in
the front garden)


Step 2: Look for the numbers in black on the
meter and write them down


Step 3: Print out an Aqwest water consumption
chart HERE


Step 4: Enter the numbers


Step 5: Don’t forget to enter the numbers

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Aqwest is a Western Australian Government Trading Enterprise providing potable water services to the City of Bunbury and surrounding areas.

Customer Commitments

Aqwest is committed to providing sustainable, high-quality drinking water that consistently meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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Maximise value to the owner and customer by providing locally managed water services


To be an independent, viable and competitive water utility in the Western Australian water industry

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