Read all about water conservation and why it is important.



Aqwest has some interesting activities for students and children to try. These activities are fun and educate you about water conservation and water facts.



You can view or download a map showing AQWEST coverage here.



The Water Cycle

Water never stops moving. Rain falls to the earth from clouds and runs downhill into rivers and lakes. Eventually the water flows into the ocean. During evaporation, the water turns from liquid into gas, and moves from oceans and lakes into the atmosphere where it forms clouds. The cycle starts all over again.  Read all about the water cycle here.

Water Facts

Read some interesting facts about water on our Water Facts page.

Treatment Plant

The treatment plant used for tours is currently being upgraded. Keep an eye on this page for more information.


Bunbury's underground water supply is free from bacteria although it does contain some iron, manganese and some organic materials absorbed from the soil.  Read more about the water treatment process

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