What do you know about water?
1) Garden mulching reduces evaporation by how much?
a) 50 per cent.
b) 75 per cent.
c) 90 per cent.
2) Which of the following uses the most water?
a) washing the car.
b) doing a load of laundry
c) having a bath/shower
3) The average person uses how many litres of water per day around the house?
a) 135 litres
b) 225 litres
c) 360 litres
4) One drop of oil can pollute how many litres of fresh water?
a) 1 litre
b) 10 litres
c) 100 litres
5) How much of the earth's water is fresh (non-salt) water?
a) 50 per cent.
b) 10 per cent.
c) 3 per cent.
6) The best way to save water at home is?
a) Check your toilet valve for leaks and fix them.
b) Don't leave the tap running when you brush your teeth.
c) Rinse vegetables in a pan of water rather than under the tap.
7) The amount of water on earth today compared with the amount of water on earth at the time it was formed about 5 billion years ago is:
a) About 50 per cent of what is was originally.
b) About 80 per cent of the original amount.
c) The same amount.
8) How much water is lost in a single day by a tap dripping one drop of water per second?
a) 50 litres.
b) 250 litres.
c) 600 litres.
9) How often should you water lawns in March?
a) once a day.
b) every three days.
c) once a week.
10) A Statewide sprinkler ban applies between which hours?
a) Noon until midnight .
b) 9:00am to 6:00 pm .
c) 6:00am to 3:00pm.
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