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Conserve water during summer and follow the watering roster

Sprinkler watering garden bed with magenta flowers.

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Please be aware of water use this Summer and remember to follow the Watering Roster which allocates two days a week for sprinkler/reticulation use.

Watering times are before 9am or after 6pm on watering days for scheme water users but only once on any watering day. The two day watering roster does not apply to bore users, but the 9am - 6pm daily restriction still applies.

If you have high water usage or think your bill is unusually high, remember to check your water meter regularly which can help detect hidden leaks.

If meter readings show a sudden increase, you may have a hidden leak in water pipes and the sooner a licenced plumber is engaged, the lower your water bill will be.

Please check out the Watering Roster to see when you can use your sprinklers.