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Who is responsible for your water service and pipes?

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Every property owner is responsible for the internal pipes in their home or business and all internal piping up to where the pipes meet the valve, located just before the water meter.

Any work on these internal pipes must be carried out by a licenced plumber. The water meter, stop tap and water mains are the responsibility of Aqwest.

Property owners are required to keep the area around the water meter clear of vegetation.  A clear space of at lease 300mm horizontally and 1200mm vertically needs to be created around the water meter.

If you have an unusually high water bill, you may have a hidden leak and you will need to engage a licenced plumber. Read more at Water leaks.

If there is a water leak in the area of Aqwest's responsibility, it will not affect your meter reading or water bill, but you should call Aqwest on (08) 9780 9500.

To detect any sudden increases in water use, read your water meter. Read more at How to read your meter.