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Your Annual Supply Charge Explained

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The annual supply charge is a fixed charge for supplying water to your property. We then use a tiered pricing system dependent on your water consumption to encourage the sustainable use of water i.e. the more water you use within the year, the higher the price per kilolitre. 

Prices are updated at the beginning of each financial year. Your 2023/24 water consumption charges are outlined in the tariff table below. 

0 - 150kL$1.12 per kL
151 - 350kL$2.07 per kL
351 - 500kL$2.96 per kL
Over 500kL$3.67 per kL

Fees and charges contribute to:

  • Developing and maintaining drinking water infrastructure for almost 18,000 customers and treating water to Australian Drinking Water Guideline standards. 

  • Investment in ongoing renewal of water mains and valves - there are more than 390km of water mains controlled by more than 2,900 valves. 

  • Installing, maintaining and operating our infrastructure. 

  • Providing locally managed water supply services that support the local community.