Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Water is an essential service and Aqwest is well prepared to manage its response to COVID-19.

All drinking water supplied by Aqwest is safe for use and treated to a very high standard. It fully meets the requirements set by the Department of Health. There is no evidence that drinking water is affected by COVID-19 or that it can be transmitted by drinking water.

We are continuing to assess and act on the advice provided by Government, and health authorities in particular. We remain committed to the continued delivery of high-quality water to our customers.

For the latest health advice and information about COVID-19 please refer to the Healthy WA and the Australian Department of Health websites.

Aqwest does not anticipate any disruption to water services.



Is my drinking water safe?

Your water supply is safe. The water we supply to the Bunbury community meets 100% of the health requirements set by the Department of Health. Water treatment and disinfection processes, including use of chlorine, are effective in removing viruses from water supplies.

The advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Water Services Association of Australia is that there is no evidence Coronavirus is transmitted by drinking water.

Do I need to filter tap water, buy bottled water or store drinking water?
There is no need to filter tap water, buy bottled water for drinking or store drinking water. Safe, clean tap water will continue to be supplied directly every day.
Do I need to boil my drinking water?
Boiling your water is not required as a precaution against Coronavirus.
What if I need help paying my bill - what options do I have?

We have extensive customer assistance programs available, which include flexible payment plans.

If you are experiencing difficulty paying your account, please contact us on 97809 500 or visit our Financial support page prior to the account becoming overdue.