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Late Childhood and Adults - Water and Aqwest

Aqwest has developed a Student Education Booklet to inform students and adults about the water industry and Aqwest's infrastructure and operations.

Topics include:

  • Yarragadee Aquifer
  • The Water Cycle
  • Treating the Water
  • Computer Technology
  • Water Consumption
  • The Human Body
  • Water Saving Tips
  • Planning for Future Water Demand

Student Education Booklet

Fun facts for the young at heart
  • A pineapple is 80 per cent water, compared to 95 per cent for a tomato.
  • A chicken is made up of about 75 per cent water.
  • It takes about 5,680 litres of water to process just one barrel of beer.
  • It takes approximately 740 bathtubs of water to make one single new car.
  • To process one can of fruit or vegetables, it takes around 35 litres of water
  • A small drip from a kitchen tap can waste up to 75 litres of water each day.
  • An average adult has 37 litres of water in their body.
  • A person can live up to one month without food, but only around one week without water.
  • A human’s brain is made up of about 70 per cent water.
  • A 2 per cent drop in body water can trigger short-term memory loss.
  • The number one trigger for daytime fatigue is lack of water.
  • Water is exceptionally important to maintain body temperature.
  • Every living cell in the body depends on water for its survival.