Do you know how to read your meter?

Published Date:24 Jan 2020

Your meter numbers will look like the diagram above. The black figures are kilolitres (kL) and the red figures show litres (one kilolitre = 1,000 litres).

• Read your meter at the end of every week, whenever you put your bin out or mow the lawn – establish a routine to regularly read your meter. Some customers are using their mobile phone to take a photo of the meter reading and comparing this with a later photo.
• Record your consumption figure. Aqwest provides consumption charts that you can stick on the fridge.
• If the numbers show an increase in the water usage pattern, this may indicate a leak.
• Check for any visible leaks (one drop per second from a dripping tap is 50 litres of water lost every day). Hidden leaks can be detected by reading your water meter last thing at night and first thing in the morning.
• If you detect a problem call a plumber immediately to avoid a large water bill.