Irrigation Demonstration Station

This station gives us a close up look at how four sprinklers operate.

All four sprinkler / emitter types have been selected for their water saving capabilities and can be found in the Waterwise Garden.

Left to right:

1.  MP Rotator: This sprinkler creates a unique rotating stream that prevents misting in windy conditions and the slower application allows water to gently soak in at rates that soils can easily absorb. Used in lawn and gardens.

2.  Gear Drive: This sprinkler moves back and forth on a rotating gear. The arc can be adjusted and fine tuned to prevent overspray and each sprinkler comes with a set of easily changeable nozzles that change how far the water is thrown. Used primarily in lawns.

3.  Dripline: This specialised poly line comes with built-in emitters that let out a little bit of water at a time. Extremely versatile for all garden types and can even be installed beneath your lawn. When installed beneath mulch, there is no chance of water loss through overspray or evaporation. Used primarily in gardens.

4.  Dripper: This drip emitter is designed to provide water to a single plant. Easy to install and maintain, they come in a wide array that provide different volumes of water depending on your plant's requirements. Used in gardens.