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Sponsorship applications will open in September 2021.

eg President, Secretary, Grants Officer
We may wish to contact you personally about your application. Please provide an Australian phone number.
Tell us about why your organisation exists (mission), what it is hoping to achieve (vision) and what its objectives are
Write the date, or select from the calendar button.
Write the date, or select from the calendar button.
Which categories best describe your project, activity or event? (select all that apply)*

You can choose to complete the following details online, or upload a submission in the same format. You can also upload supporting information such as the marketing plan for this project, activity or event.
Describe your project, activity or event, including its objectives, how it will benefit your organisation and any background information you think would be useful to us.
Please summarise the findings of your risk assessment - both what you are concerned about and how well controlled the risks are. Examples of the sort of things we would expect to see assessed include media issues, safety of participants and volunteers, cultural sensitivity, political sensitivity, impact on neighbours.
Projected size and demographics
The marketing and promotional activities you intend to under take for your project, activity or event.
Please list all other organisations that you expect to be supporting your project, activity or event.
This could include cash, merchandise, staff involvement, social media links, marketing to our staff or anything else where we might be able to help.
How does your project, activity or event align with Aqwest's corporate objectives? See "About Aqwest" on the top line of the screen to find out more about us and how your event could help us deliver our objectives.
Include opportunities for naming rights, signage, community engagement, promotional material distribution and media exposure
Tangible benefits to community members
Provide details of any applications that have been submitted in the past five years - whether approved or otherwise.