Information for suppliers

About Aqwest's Operations

The Aqwest integrated treatment and distribution system includes 12 bores, six treatment plants, four reservoirs, one water tower, one pump station/transfer main, approximately 380km of water reticulation network and an administration office.

Aqwest adheres to the Water Supply Code of Australia (WSA 03 – 2002) as the base standard for design, construction and operation of its reticulation network. The WSA 03-2002 code is augmented by the Aqwest Water Reticulation Specification. Aqwest also produces a suite of “standard drawings" to inform the materials and techniques for routine reticulation works.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to invoice Aqwest for goods delivered/services rendered. Where do I send my invoice to?

To ensure your invoice is processed and paid on time, please send all invoices to: [email protected]

If you need to inform your Aqwest appointed Superintendant or Representative that you have submitted your invoice for payment, then you should either copy them into your invoice submission OR forward on your submitted invoice.

Aqwest's default payment terms is 20 days from date of invoice.

If you have agreed payment terms which are different to this, please ensure the agreed payment terms are clearly noted on your invoice.

Where can I view current opportunities for suppliers?
You can view current opportunities and download request packages from Aqwest's Tenderlink website.
How can I express an interest in bidding on future opportunities with Aqwest?
To express an interest in bidding on future opportunities with Aqwest you can register to become a supplier by registering on Tenderlink or by completing Aqwest's Supplier Expression of Interest Form.
Does Aqwest have a vendor prequalification process?
Yes. Aqwest's Supplier Registration Form serves as Aqwest's prequalification process, however, completing the Supplier Registration Form does not mean your organisation is automatically a supplier to Aqwest.
Why does my organisation need to provide Aqwest with insurance certificates of currency?

Aqwest requires current and prospective suppliers and contractors to provide evidence that they are insured by way of insurance certificates of currency.

As a minimum Aqwest requires all vendors to provide evidence of Product and Public Liability and evidence of Workers Compensation or Personal Injury and Accident. Aqwest may require you to provide additional insurance certificates of currency when bidding for new work

If your organisation is awarded work by Aqwest your insurance must also be maintained for the duration of any supply or performance of goods and/or services.

It is your responsibilty to ensure you supply Aqwest with new insurance certificates of currency as and when your insurances are renewed.

Expired insurance certificates of currency could restrict your organisations ability to be engaged in future works or bids. If you are currrently engaged in works with us, this won't impact your engagement but it is required that you provide Aqwest with updated certificates in accordance with the terms and conditions of engagement.

Do I have to pay to register to become a supplier to Aqwest?

No. Registration through both Aqwest's Supplier Expression of Interest Form and e-tendering platform, Tenderlink, is free.

Does Aqwest have preferred supplier agreements?

Aqwest is:

  •  a fully subscribed member of WALGA; and
  •  a Government Trading Enterprise

and does have access to panel arrangements through the:

Aqwest reserves its right from time to time to utilise the benefits afforded to it by opting in an out of these panel arrangements as and when it aligns with Aqwest's strategic intent.

In order to become a preferred supplier under either of these panels, please contact the relevant department respectively.


To gain access to more opportunities to work with Aqwest, register to receive notifications of preferred supplier opportunities with WALGA's Tenderlink and the Government of Western Australia's Tenders WA e-tendering portals.

Does registering as a supplier guarantee business with Aqwest?

No. Registration is not a guarantee of work. It is purely an expression of interest to conduct business with us and serves to inform Aqwest staff that your business has current and valid insurances.

At what point will my organisation be considered a supplier to Aqwest?

To be considered a supplier to Aqwest, your organisation will need to have been awarded work or be in receipt of an order as a result of having undertaken a competive bidding process in which you might also be requested to supply additional information.

I am an existing supplier/contractor to Aqwest, WALGA and/or State Government. Do I need to complete Aqwest's Supplier Registration Form?

Yes. Completing Aqwest's Supplier Expression of Interest Form will assist your organisation in meeting its obligations of providing Aqwest with your registered business information and most recent insurance certificates of currency.

Can I rely solely on the information published on Aqwest's website as the basis for responding to current supplier opportunities and performing current works?

No. The information published on Aqwest's website is purely for information purposes only. If you have been requested to submit a response to a request or are currently performing works for Aqwest, it is your responsibility to contact your nominated Aqwest contact person to ensure you have the most recently published information.

Any person or entity which relies upon the Standards, Specifications & Drawings from the Aqwest website does so entirely at their own risk and without any right of recourse to Aqwest, including, but not limited to, using the Standards, Specifications & Drawings for works other than for or on behalf of the Aqwest. The Standards, Specifications & Drawings available from the Aqwest website are intended solely for information only and cannot be relied upon. Aqwest accepts no liability for any loss or damage that arises from anything in the Standards, Specifications & Drawings including (but not limited to) any loss or damage that may arise due to the errors and omissions of any person.

Aqwest shall not be responsible, nor liable, to any person or entity for any loss or damage suffered as a consequence of reliance on, or the unlawful use of, or reference to, the Standards, Specifications & Drawings, including but not limited to the use of any part of the Standards, Specifications & Drawings without first obtaining prior express written permission from the CEO of the Aqwest.

Any interpretation of anything in the Standards, Specifications & Drawings that deviates from specific Aqwest Project requirements must be referred to the Aqwest’s project manager and/or designer for that particular Project for further direction or agreement.