Tenants moving in

Owner to tenant authorisation

Owner information
I am a*

Tenant details
Is tenant postal address the same as the rental address*
Type of tenancy
Which type of tenancy is this application for?*

Terms and conditions
  1. The property owner is ultimately responsible for any debt incurred on the property.
  2. The account must be at a nil balance before the tenant details are transferred.
  3. Upon completion of this form by the property agent/owner/landlord, and payment for a meter read reset if required, the requested accounts will be changed into the tenant’s name.
  4. All tenancy changes will be advised by the owner/landlord/property agent. Failure to advise Aqwest of tenancy changes will result in the account being changed back into the owner’s name.
  5. All unpaid accounts will be the responsibility of the owner.
  6. Where two or more accounts fail to be paid the tenant’s name will be removed from the account.
  7. All debt recovery will be addressed to the owner.