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Bunbury Water Resource Recovery Scheme

Aqwest is planning to build and operate the Bunbury Water Resource Recovery Scheme (BWRRS) which will be capable of treating and distributing up to 2 gigalitres (GL) of water per year from Water Corporation's existing Bunbury Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The scheme will consist of a Recycled Water Treatment Plant (RWTP) and associated pipework with the ability for expansion to a Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) scheme in the future.

This project strongly aligns with the Western Australian Government’s Climate Policy (DWER, November 2020), which names Aqwest as a lead agency to “Invest in [regional] water infrastructure and water recycling to enhance security, efficiency and resilience of community water schemes”. Similarly, Aqwest will be a key stakeholder and leader in the WA Government’s water security sector adaptation plan under the soon-to-be-legislated Climate Change Act (DWER, September 2023). 

 The BWRRS will provide local jobs through the construction of a fit-for-purpose recycled water scheme that will be used for:  

  • mitigating the impacts of climate change in relation to critical water resources 

  • reducing ocean discharge of treated effluent 

  • reducing freshwater resource use 

  • maintaining ground water supplies for critical uses (e.g., drinking water) 

  • providing an environmentally sustainable method of maintaining community amenities during summer 

  • facilitating future major capital construction projects in the region to support economic growth 

  • limit the requirement to develop future water sources such as desalination 

  • future expansion to a MAR scheme that will replenish local aquifers

BWRRS Water Recycling Graphic