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Read your meter

Person with notepad and pen recording meter reading.

All household residents should read their meters every week. By recording meter reading, any sudden increases will be noticeable and this could indicate a hidden water leak. The sooner a licenced plumber is engaged, the lower your water bill will be.

Your meter numbers will look like the diagram below. The black figures are kilolitres (kL) and the red figures show litres.

Water meter graphic
  • One kilolitre is 1,000 litres.

  • Read your meter at the end of every week, or whenever you put out your bin.

  • Record your consumption figure on the chart.

  • If the numbers show an increase in the water usage pattern, this may indicate a leak.

  • Check for dripping taps or running toilets to try and identify the location of a leak.

  • Call a plumber immediately to avoid a large water bill.

It is important you know the location of your water meter as you need to ensure easy and safe access to the meter at all times.

You also need to provide a clear space of at least 300mm around (horizontally) and 1200mm above (vertically) your water meter.

Download this handy chart to track your meter readings: