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Aboriginal Artwork Project

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Water Through the Noongar Seasons

Expressions of interest have now closed and successful applicants are working on their artwork.


In 2020 Aqwest undertook a project to find an Aboriginal name for a newly built Water Treatment Plant at Glen Iris in Bunbury. After extensive research Ngoora Moolinap was chosen through consultation with local Elders. The name translated from Noongar language means water sitting in a well, swamp place of.

Through that project an opportunity to provide local schools and community groups with a place to learn about water, sustainability and Cultural connections to water was identified.

Aqwest held workshops with local Elders and Community members to discuss ideas and concepts, agreeing that an Artwork project themed around the Six (6) Noongar Seasons could provide an opportunity to connect Aqwest’s core business of providing drinking water, to local Aboriginal stories about water, through art.


Celebrating stories and Cultural connections to water through the six Noongar Seasons.

Each season is an opportunity for the Artist or group of Artists to celebrate stories and Cultural connections to water that relate to that season or how the seasons effect water.

Stories should relate to fresh water (ground water/drinking water).


There are six (6) artwork opportunities available, one for each Noongar season:

  1. Birak

  2. Bunuru

  3. Djeran

  4. Makuru

  5. Djilba

  6. Kambarang

Each season is for an opportunity for an original piece of artwork from an individual or group of artists along with a brief summary of the art that describes the art, its meaning and the stories behind the artwork and artist/s.

The art will be:

  • Displayed by Aqwest

  • Full or part of the imagery may be used digitally or physically to tell stories about water and to educate the community about water

  • Display and re-print onto Aqwest infrastructure (including Ngoora Moolinap and Aqwest Water Services Centre)


If you have any questions about the project, please contact:

Claire Anderson
General Manager Business Services
Ph: 0402 909 036
Email: [email protected]u