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Fees and charges

Aqwest Fees and Charges 2024/2025

Consumption charges

DescriptionTotal Incl GST
Consumption - residential (0-150KL)$1.15
Consumption - residential (151-350KL)$2.12
Consumption - residential (351-500KL)$3.03
Consumption - residential (over 500KL)$3.76
Consumption - non-residential$3.36

Supply charges

DescriptionTotal Incl GST
Supply charge - residential$276.00
Supply charge - non-residential - 20mm$307.00
Supply charge - non-residential - 25mm$478.95
Supply charge - non-residential - 40mm$1,228.25
Supply charge - non-residential - 50mm$1,919.20
Supply charge - non-residential - 80mm$4,913.05
Supply charge - non-residential - 100mm$7,676.70
Supply charge - non-residential - 150mm$17,272.60

Fire service supply charges

DescriptionTotal Incl GST
Supply charge - fire service - 25mm$174.60
Supply charge - fire service - 40mm$279.40
Supply charge - fire service - 50mm$349.20
Supply charge - fire service - 100mm$698.60
Supply charge - fire service - 150mm$1,047.85
Supply charge - fire service - 200mm$1,397.20

New water service connection

DescriptionTotal Incl GST
20mm service$522.20
20mm service (long)quote
25mm service$633.20
25mm service (long)quote
40mm service$1,054.30
40mm service (long)quote
50mm service$1,566.90
50mm service (long)quote
> 50mm servicequote

Supply of submeter (including fittings)

DescriptionTotal Incl GST
20mm supply only $82.70
Assessing meters: multi unit development$153.70

New fire service connection

DescriptionTotal Incl GST
25mm service$743.00
25mm service (long)quote
40mm service$1,468.90
40mm service (long)quote
50mm service$1,294.50
50mm service (long)quote
> 50mm servicequote


DescriptionTotal Incl GST
Disconnection - 20mm service$174.30
Disconnection - 25mm service$186.40
Disconnection - 40mm service$218.50
Disconnection - 50mm service$230.60
Disconnection > 50mm servicequote
Restrictor Installation and Removal$193.10

Service relocations

Relocations < 1 metre

DescriptionIncl GST
20mm service$324.40
25mm service$428.20
40mm service$631.40
50mm service$769.40
> 50mm servicequote

Relocations > 1 metre

DescriptionIncl GST
20mm service and greater quote

Meter Boxes

DescriptionIncl GST
Lower 20mm/25mm service into non trafficable box$265.00
Lower 20mm/25mm service into trafficable box$600.40


DescriptionIncl GST
Infrastructure contributions (Headworks)$2,568.30
Scheme planning fee (3% of contract value)quote
Headworks Deferral Fee (per lot)$138.20
Register Manual Memorial$234.50

Damaged services

Repair of damaged 20mm services

DescriptionIncl GST
Business hours - no new meter $222.90
Business hours - new meter$282.60
Other hours - no new meter$484.00
Other hours - new meter$546.00
Damaged meters > 20mmquote

Repair of damaged mains

DescriptionIncl GST
Mains repairquote
Mains extensionquote

Bulk water

Robertson standpipe

DescriptionIncl GST
Monthly access charge $111.60
Consumption (per kL)$3.36

Hydrant hire

DescriptionIncl GST
Application to use hydrant point$198.20
Additional daily rate for hydrant use$98.50


DescriptionIncl GST
Tenant advice$37.30
Change of ownership read and statement$65.80
Overdue accounts11.08%
Copies of records$14.10