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Water treatment plant.

Each year Aqwest purchases a significant amount of goods, services and works in order to supply high quality drinking water to the community of Bunbury and surrounding areas.

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About Aqwest's Operations

The Aqwest integrated treatment and distribution system includes 12 bores, six treatment plants, four reservoirs, one water tower, one pump station/transfer main, approximately 380km of water reticulation network and an administration office.

Aqwest adheres to the Water Supply Code of Australia (WSA 03 – 2002) as the base standard for design, construction and operation of its reticulation network. The WSA 03-2002 code is augmented by the Aqwest Water Reticulation Specification. Aqwest also produces a suite of “standard drawings" to inform the materials and techniques for routine reticulation works.

Frequently Asked Questions

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