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Future infrastructure planning

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Aqwest plans for Bunbury’s future water needs by carrying out master planning and hydraulic modelling of the network.

The modelling simulates water flow in the network and helps determine the water and infrastructure needed for future developments.

This assists Aqwest to plan and budget for future capital works over the long term and plan for the management of existing assets, while delivering a high level of performance and service to customers.

Comprehensive hydraulic modelling is carried out when there are major network changes such as the commissioning of the Ngoora Moolinap Water Treatment Plant which came on line in 2020, or every three years to reflect population growth.

In 2019/20 Aqwest invested in the development of a fully functional hydraulic model, capturing the existing and future infrastructure scenarios. This ensures that Aqwest is capable of supplying all of Bunbury’s average water consumption demand.