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Outages & Faults

Mains and valve replacement

Aqwest invests in the ongoing renewal of water mains and valves. It operates a water supply network which consists of 387km of water mains controlled by around 1,300 valves.

The programs for renewing these assets are driven from the Asset Management system. Continued investment in this area aims to improve customer outage times and frequency by reducing mains failure and improving Aqwest’s ability to manage failures when they do occur, by having properly functioning valves to shut down failed sections of the network.

More than $700,000 was recently invested in mains and valves replacements and there was a $670,000 investment to install a new production bore at Skewes Street water treatment plant.

In addition, Aqwest invested in upgrades of ladders, platforms and walkways and the renewal of compressed air systems across the network.