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Ngoora Moolinap water treatment plant (Glen Iris)

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The Ngoora Moolinap water treatment plant (Glen Iris) will meet the future water supply needs of Greater Bunbury, securing a sustainable water supply for Aqwest’s 35,000 customers and will be capable of producing 12 megalitres of drinking water per day.

Construction of the new water treatment plant started in June 2019, following the awarding of the design and construct tender to Leicon Notley in October 2018.

The contract for the design and construction of the plant was executed in November 2018. This was followed by detailed design which was finalised in May 2019 and liaison with the local community and stakeholders which will be ongoing throughout the duration of the project.

The new water treatment plant forms part of Aqwest’s Strategic Development Plan to relocate production away from the sensitive seawater/freshwater interface between the Yarragadee Aquifer and the Indian Ocean.

Water for the Bunbury area is currently drawn from several bores along the coast where, due to the impacts of climate change, the risk of increasing salinity levels threatens water quality.

The new operations will extract water from a high quality, sustainable inland groundwater source, creating greater water production cost efficiencies and delivering benefits to customers.

Construction of the new plant was announced by Premier Mark McGowan and Minister for Water Dave Kelly in November 2017.

It was officially opened by Minister for Water Dave Kelly on 2 September 2020. Minister Kelly also announced the new name - Ngoora Moolinap Water Treatment Plant (Glen Iris).

Aqwest worked in collaboration with local Aboriginal elders on the new name which means 'water sitting in a well' and 'swampy place', and reflects the Aboriginal history of and connection to the land.

Smoking ceremony

Water Minister Dave Kelly announced the opening of the Ngoora Moolinap Water Treatment Plant (Glen Iris) on 2 September 2020. A smoking ceremony was carried out by Troy Bennell with local Aboriginal Elders, who worked with Aqwest on naming the new plant. 

Five men outside Glen Iris plant

Premier Mark McGowan and Water Minister Dave Kelly announced the construction of the $15 million water treatment plant in November 2017