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Purlin replacement program

Aqwest has an ongoing maintenance program to ensure the reliable supply of drinking water to the Bunbury region.

Reservoirs are used to store treated water until it is required during peak demand times such as in the mornings and in the evenings.

These reservoirs are covered with purlins, or a galvanised steel roof frame and galvanised steel roof cladding to ensure protection from the elements.

Due to constantly being exposed to a moist environment, the purlins and galvanised steel roof cladding eventually needs to be replaced.

Aqwest started to replace the purlins and cladding at the Tech Reservoir in 2018/19 and the final stage will be finished in 2021. The purlins at the Roberts Crescent Reservoir were replaced in 2018.

Aqwest uses an Asset Management System to undertake condition assessment monitoring and replace components which have reached the end of their useful life.