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Water connections Fees and charges

Different services will be required, depending on the nature of your renovation, building or development. Aqwest will calculate these from a schedule of fees and charges.

Aqwest Fees and Charges 2019/20

New water service connection
NoDescriptionEx GSTGSTTotal Incl GST
3020mm service$463.00-$463.00
3120mm service (long)$3,077.00-$3,077.00
3225mm service$560.00-$560.00
3325mm service (long)$3,175.00-$3,175.00
3440mm service$933.00-$933.00
3540mm service (long)$3,739.00-$3,739.00
3650mm service$1,386.00-$1,386.00
3750mm service (long)$4,184-$4,184
38> 50mm serviceQuote-Quote


Supply of submeter (including fittings)
NoDescriptionExGSTGSTTotal Icl GST 
3920mm supply only $62.00$6.20$68.20
40Assessing meters: multi unit development$129.00$12.90$141.90


New fire service connection
NoDescriptionEx GSTGSTInc GST
4125mm service$658.05-$658.05
4225mm service (long)$3,175.00-$3,175.00
4340mm service$1,299.25-$1,299.25
4440mm service (long)$3,939.80-$3,939.80
4550mm service$1,145.00-$1,145.00
4650mm service (long)$3,839.00-$3,839.00
47> 50mm serviceQuote-Quote


NoDescriptionEx GSTGSTInc GST
48Disconnection - 20mm service$155.00-$155.00
49Disconnection - 25mm service$165.00-$165.00
50Disconnection - 40mm service$194.00-$194.00
51Disconnection - 50mm service$220.00-$220.00
52Disconnection > 50mm serviceQuote-Quote


Service relocations
NoDescriptionEx GSTGSTInc GST
Relocations < 1 metre
6420mm service$287.00-$287.00
6525mm service$379.00 $379.00
6640mm service$559.00-$559.00
6750mm service$680.00-$680.00
68> 50mm servicequote-quote
Relocations > 1 metre
6920mm service and greaterquote-quote
Meter Boxes
70Lower 20mm/25mm service into non trafficable box$235.00-$235.00
71Lower 20mm/25mm service into trafficable box$531.30-$531.30


NoDescriptionEx GSTGSTInc GST
72Infrastructure contributions (Headworks)$2,307.00-$2,307.00
73Scheme planning fee (3% of contract value)Quote-Quote
74Headworks Deferral Fee (per lot)$102.73$10.27$113.00
75Register Manual Memorial$174.14$17.41$191.55


Damaged services
NoDescriptionEx GSTGSTInc GST
Repair of damaged 20mm services
54Business hours - no new meter$198.00-$198.00
55Business hours - new meter$250.00-$250.00
56Other hours - no new meter$455.00-$455.00
57Other hours - new meter$507.00-$507.00
58Damaged meters > 20mmquote-quote
Repair of damaged mains
59Mains repairquote-quote
60Mains extensionquote-quote


Bulk water
NoDescriptionEx GSTGSTInc GST
Robertson standpipe
22Monthly access charge$101.00-$101.00
24Consumption (per kL)$2.77-$2.77
Hydrant hire
25Application to use hydrant point$178.00-$178.00
26Additional daily rate for hydrant use$89.00-$89.00


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