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Customer complaint resolution

Sometimes we make mistakes. When this happens we would like the opportunity to make it better.

Contact Aqwest

1.  Contact a customer service officer on (08) 9780 9500.

  • Staff are available from Monday to Friday 9 to 4pm.

  • After hours, our emergency service will take your call.

2.  Use our online form

3. Other contact options

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Postal address:  PO Box 400 Bunbury 6231

  • Office: 2 Hayes Street, Bunbury

For speech or hearing assistance call the National Relay Service 133 677or if English isn't your first language call the Telephone Interpreter Service 131 450 and request (08) 97809500.

The Economic Regulation Authority of WA's Customer Complaints Guidelines (December 2016) include information regarding distinguishing customer queries from complaints.

The Australian Standard AS/NSZ 10002-2014, Guidelines for Complaint Management in Organisations defines a complaint as:
'An expression of dissatisfaction made to or about an organisation, related to its products, services, staff or the handling of a complaint, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected or legally required.'

Can I contact the Ombudsman directly?

You may refer your matter directly to the  Energy and Water Ombudsman.  They are likely to refer you back to Aqwest unless special circumstances apply (see the Energy and Water Ombudsman process)

What will Aqwest do?

All complaints are registered, and the registration number will be provided on request.

If your complaint is billing related, we will delay debt recovery during the investigation process.

We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, however sometimes we may need additional time. We will always attempt to have complaints resolved within 15 business days. We will contact you by phone, email or in writing, as you prefer.

Our complaint management standards are in our Customer Complaint Policy

What if your complaint isn't resolved?

If your issue is not resolved you can contact us to discuss further, or contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman is a free service available for residential and small business customers.  

The Energy and Water Ombudsman
PO Box Z5386
Perth WA 6831

Call: (08) 9220 7588 or 1800 754 004 (toll free for country callers)

Email: [email protected]

What if Aqwest land records are wrong?

Your water charges are based on the type of property you have (eg residential or non-residential).  If you believe we have classified your property incorrectly, you should contact us to discuss.

If we cannot reach agreement,  the Water Services Regulations 2013 has  specific provisions (Regulations 68 and 69) about your right to object to our land records and (where required) seek a review from the State Administrative Tribunal.

More information about these rights is in Divsion 9 of the Water Services Regulations 2013.