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Apply for a concession

Apply for a discount on your supply and consumption charges if you hold a valid concession card.

Before applying for a concession please check the eligibility criteria:

What you need to complete this form:

To complete this form you will need the following information on hand:

  • Your concession cards

  • An email address

  • Co-owner information

    • Name

    • Date of birth

    • Concession card details (if relevant)

    • Percentage share of ownership for owners not living at the property

It is estimated the form will take between 10 to 30 minutes to complete depending on your situation.

The form is unable to be saved for completion at a later date, so please ensure you have all the right information at hand.


By submitting this form I /we declare the following:

  • I/We do not occupy any other property

  • I/We are not currently claiming a concession on any other property

  • I/We understand that we can only claim for a concession on one property

  •  I/We declare that the details provided in this application are true and correct in relation to the above property

I/we understand that:

  • Aqwest, our Local Government Authority and the Office of State Revenue to use Centrelink Confirmation E-Services to perform an enquiry of our Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs customer details and concession card status and, for the Australian Government Department of Human Services to provide the result of that enquiry to Aqwest to confirm my/our eligibility for a concession;

  • the Australian Government Department of Human Services will use information I have provided to Aqwest to confirm my eligibility for a concession and will disclose to the Water Corporation personal information including my name, address, concession card type and status;

  • Aqwest will forward my application to the Local Government Authority. The Local Government Authority and/or Office of State Revenue will also confirm my card details and eligibility with the issuing agencies e.g. Department of Local Government and Communities, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Centrelink, Department for Child Protection and Family Support;

  • this consent, once agreed upon remains valid while I am a customer of Aqwest unless I withdraw it by contacting Aqwest, Local Government Authority or the Australian Government Department of Human Services;

  • I can obtain proof of our circumstances/details from the Australian Government Department of Human Services and provide it to Aqwest or Local Government Authority so that my eligibility for a concession can be determined;

  • If I withdraw my consent or do not alternatively provide proof of our circumstances/details, I may not be eligible for the concession provided by Aqwest and Local Government Authority.