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Review my bill

Worried your bill is wrong? We can check it for you.

If you receive a higher bill than normal it is often because:

  •      You have moved into the next water pricing tier, so are getting charged more per kilolitre for the water you have used. This is more common          towards the end of the year.

  •      The amount of water you have used has increased. 

  •      You have an undetected water leak.

If you believe your bill is incorrect, you can request a review of your account.  You can read more about this process in our Bill Review Standard.

First check your water meter reading

If you believe your bill may be incorrect, the first thing to do is check your water meter reading.  This will help us to review your account.

Visual representation of a water meter, gauges say 01475285.
Read the black numbers from left to right.  They should be similar to or slightly higher than the reading on your account.  They won't be the same unless you haven't used any water since we read your meter.

Once you have a meter reading, please answer the following question.