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Register with Tenderlink

Aqwest invites vendors to bid for the supply of goods and/or services through its e-tendering portal, Tenderlink.

Registration is free. Once registered you will be able to :

  • Receive email notifications of new opportunities published
  • Download and view documentation
  • Submit responses to our requests

To Register, click on 'Registration' in the black menu bar on the Tenderlink webpage. Please note - registration is not a guarantee that you will be awarded work with Aqwest. 

For assistance with the Tenderlink registration process or technical support, please contact tenderlink.com or Tenderlink support: 1800 233 533.


Complete a Supplier Registration Form

Although Aqwest prefers vendors to register with Tenderlink, you may express your interest in doing business with us by completing the Supplier Expression of Interest Form below. 

Supplier Expression of Interest Form