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***Aqwest's Online Supplier Form is currently NOT LIVE. When you click on the Registration link(s) below, you will be directed to create an account. When the form goes live, you will be issued with a communcation from Aqwest directing you to log-in and update your supplier information.***

Step 1 - Complete our Online Supplier Form

Providing Aqwest with your registered business information, insurance certificates of currency and disclosing certain information is the first step towards becoming a supplier to Aqwest.

Supplier Registration Form

Step 2 - Register with Tenderlink

Aqwest invites vendors to bid for the supply of goods and/or services through its e-tendering portal, Tenderlink.

Complete the Tenderlink Supplier Registration to receive notifications of new opportunities.

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Step 3 - Keep your Registration Current

Ensuring your information is up to date at all times is the key to staying registered.

If or when your business information changes such as key contact personnel, banking details or renewals of insurance certificates of currency, it is your responsibility to provide us with this updated information. Failure to do so may render your account inactive.

Update Supplier Registration Form

Registration is not a guarantee that you will be afforded work with Aqwest.