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Estimated accounts

When the exact water consumption for your property cannot be determined, your consumption will be estimated based on the  previous consumption at that address.  Your invoice will tell you why your bill has been estimated and the basis of the estimate.

Estimated accounts policy


What if the estimate appears to be incorrect?

Sometimes we need to estimate water consumption when you have an operable meter on your property, for example if we are having trouble accessing your meter.  If this is the case, you can provide the meter reading to us as part of a request for review.

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If you believe your estimated  bill is incorrect for any reason, you can request a review of your account under our bill review standard.

Bill Review Standard.


No fees are charged for estimated accounts services.

Submit a meter reading

Received a card in your letterbox from us? Received an estimated bill? Use this service to provide us with a reading of your meter. All you need is a photo of your meter read.

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Why is my bill so high?

If you receive a higher than normal bill, it is often because:

  • you have moved into the next water use pricing tier, so are getting charged more for the water you have used
  • the amount of water you have used has increased.

If you believe your bill is incorrect, you can request a review of your account. You can read more about this process in

our Bill review service commitment fact sheet.

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