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Outages & Faults

Your property and water supply

Entry to your property

We may need to  enter your property to carry out inspections, meter reading, stop water running to waste or to perform routine maintenance and repair work on the meter. This will be done during normal business hours, unless responding to an emergency. 

We will:

  • Provide at least 48 hours notice in advance of all planned work that may require entry to your property (except meter reading and maintenance)

  • Inform the occupier of the land or premises of work being done during an emergency, or leave an information card where the occupier is not present

Planned Interruption to water supply

We work hard to minimise interruptions to your water supply, but occasionally we need to carry out planned maintenance to ensure the water supply network remains in great condition. 

We will provide 48 hours notice if we need to interrupt your water supply for planned work

 Keep an eye on our Outages and Faults Map for updates, or call our 24 hour line - (08) 9780 9500