Applications for Aqwest's 2023/2024 Community Sponsorship round have closed.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for funding under Aqwest’s Community Sponsorship Program, groups must be :

  • Based within the region served by Aqwest
  • Providing a community service
  • Providing an educational, social, cultural or environmental activity
  • Managed by a community based committee
  • Not for profit*
  • Constituted or Incorporated*

*Please provide the organisation ABN, business registration (constituted or incorporated body) or not-for-profit registration with your application or evidence of your organisation being run by a community-based committee, ie, minutes of meetings.

Sponsorship Expectations

Available sponsorship

You can apply for funding up to $5,000 (exc GST). There is a total sponsorship pool of $50,000 annually.

Formal agreement

Sponsorship is a business partnership and we will work with you to develop a formal agreement outlining our financial, material or staff commitment and expected benefits.

Acknowledging Aqwest

Please contact Clare Riley at Aqwest on Ph: 9780 9500 two weeks prior to arrange:

- Aqwest signage to be displayed at the event or venue (minimum two weeks in advance)

- Aqwest logos for your website or program (please provide proofs of any material for approval prior to printing or publication)

- An Aqwest representative if required for your event


We expect acquittals within 30 days of the final date of your project, activity or event.  An acquittal is a written account of how funds you received from us have been spent.

Rehydration Station

Aqwest has a Rehydration Station that may be suitable for your event. It has a 500 litre tank and eight water dispensing points. Please ensure you book this well in advance. For more information and how to book, see the Rehydration Station page of the website.

Events/Activities not supported

The following projects, activities and events will not be supported:

  •  Those that take place outside of Bunbury.
  • Philanthropic causes
  • Fundraising
  • Political parties or lobby groups
  • Events or activities that are divisive
  • Travel or study support
  • Religious groups (although charitable activities conducted by religious groups will be considered)
  • Indirect appeals - for example charity dinners, conferences and seminars (unless they are directly linked to Aqwest business).
  • Events and activities that are considered to be a health and safety risk
How to apply

Applications should be submitted using the online form below.  Please note applications for the 2023/2024 sponsorship round have now closed, however you may submit an application for ad hoc funding. 

Sponsorship Application

Recipients - 2023
Milligan Community Learning & Resource Centre$750
Relay for Life Bunbury$2,500
Bunbury Fringe Inc$2,500
South West Women's Health & Information Centre$4,000
Bunbury Regional YouthCARE Council$2,500
Bunbury Musical Comedy Group$1,500
Bunbury Chinese New Year Festival$2,000
Southwest Irish Community Group Inc$2,500
Bunbury Multicultural Group$2,500
Djeran Noongar Basketball$3,000
Girl Guides WA Bunbury Hall Committee$2,500
WA Human Powered Vehicle Association$1,000
WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod$5,000
Stirling Street Arts Centre$2,500
City of Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club - Old Boys Club$2,500
Withers Progress Association$1,500
Bunbury Sea Shanty Festival Committee$2,500
Bunbury Swimming Club$500
Tree Street Art Safari$2,500
Previous Recipients - 2022
Milligan Community Learning & Resource Centre Inc$2,658.95
Bunbury Tennis Club$3,000
Bunbury Regional YouthCare Council$2,500
Bunbury Fringe 2023$5,000
Bunbury Swimming Club$500
City of Bunbury Surf Lifesaving Club$4,400
Bunbury Musical Comedy Group Inc$2,500
Bunbury Multicultural Group Inc$5,000
Southwest Irish Community Group Inc$3,000
South West Women's Health ahd Information Centre$2,000
Dalyellup Collective Inc$3,000
WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod $5,000
Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club Inc (Old Boys Club)$1,500
Investing in Our Youth$2,500


Previous recipients - 2021
Bunbury Regional YouthCare Council$2,500
Bunbury Runners Club$5,000
Cancer Council of WA Inc (Relay for Life Bunbury)$5,000
Volunteer South West$4,000
City of Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club Inc - Bunbury Old Boys Club$3,650
Bunbury Fringe Inc$5,000
Bunbury Multicultural Group Inc$5,000
Djeran Noongar Basketball Carnival$3,500
WA iSports$3,600
Dalyellup Diamonds Teeball and Softball Club$2,000


Previous recipients - 2020
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Bunbury Bel Canto Singers$2,300
Bunbury Choose Respect$1,800
Bunbury Fringe Festival$2,500
Bunbury Regional Youthcare Council Chaplaincy services $2,500
Bunbury Runners Club’s 3 Waters Running Festival$2,500
Dalyellup Collective’s event traffic control course$1176
Investing In Our Youth Paint Bunbury REaD$2,500
South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS)$4,935
South West Multicultural Festival$4,000
39th Barrett Bunbury Swim Thru$2,500
Volunteer South West$4,000
Withers Progress Association’s Community Gardening project$2,258.83
ZONTA Club of Bunbury Breast Cushion workshop$2,000


Previous recipients - 2019
Bunbury Choose Respect Inc$2,300
Bunbury Fringe Inc                                                                                                 $1,500
Friends of Big Swamp Inc$1,302.09
Relay for Life (Cancer Council WA)$3,000
WA iSports Inc$2,420
WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod$2,000
Withers Progress Association Inc$2,500
Previous recipients - 2018
Bunbury City Band Inc$500
Bunbury Soup Van Inc$1,750
Canto Belles                                                                                                                         $922
Enable Southwest Inc$2,000
South West Regional Football$3,000
Volunteer South West Inc$2,500
WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod$2,000
Previous recipients - 2017
Bunbury City Band Inc                                                                                                       $750
Bunbury Community Radio Inc$1,000
Enable Southwest Inc$2,500
Festival Brass$250
South West Academy of Sport Inc$3,000
Volunteer South West Inc$2,000
WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod$3,000
Previous recipients - 2016
Bunbury City Band Inc                                                                                                              $1,000
Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre$2,500
Enable Southwest Inc$2,500
South West Academy of Sport Inc$2,500
WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod$2,500
Previous recipients - 2015
Bunbury Districts Softball Association                                                                           $3,000
Canto Belles$453.82
WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod$3,000